Iran Cumin Seeds

Iran Cumin Seed Grades and Detailed Specifications

Iran Cumin Seed annual Production is around 14,000 – 16,000 Metric Tons

JP Exporters are leading Suppliers and Exporters in Iran with more than Five Decades of Experience in Spice Industry. Being a Spice Exporter and Supplier in Iran, we are constantly striving to add flavor and aromatic taste to your food by Processing and Delivering Premium Quality Spices across the Globe. We are offering USA Supreme Quality 99% Sortex Cumin Seed from Iran to worldwide destination ports. In Iran, cumin seed is mainly Produced in the Khorasan Province with around 4,000 hectares of area under Cultivation and estimated Production of 15,000 Metric Tons. The local Consumption unlike India is very Limited and Major Produce is available for Exports. America, Europe and Middle-East countries remain the main target Buyer’s for Iranian Cumin Seed. Iranian Cumin Seed Production plays an important role in determination of Prices of other Origins in International Market as Iran is one of the Major Exporter of Cumin Seed to the World Market.