Drumstick is one of the famous vegetable crops in India. Drumstick scientifically called as Moringa Oleifera is commonly known as Saijan (in Hindi), Shevaga (in Marathi) and Munagakaya (in Telugu) in different Indian languages. Drumstick is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa comes from the Moringaceae family. Though the origin of Drumstick is India, due to its medical uses it has reached other countries also. Drumstick tree, Moringa is well known for its multi-purpose attributes, wide adaptability and ease of establishement. Its leaves, pods, and flowers are all packed with nutrients for both humans and animals. Almost every part of the plant is of food value. Foliage is eaten as green salads and used in vegetable curries. The seeds yeild 38-40% of a non-drying oil known as Ben Oil, used for lubricating watches. The oil is clear, sweet and odorless, never becomes rancid and hence, used in the manufacture of perfumes.

Famous varieties of drumsticks (Moringa):

  • Rohit 1
    The first yeild starts in 4 to 6 months after plantation & gives commercial yeild up to 10 Years (Per year 2 seasons). Bears are dark green in color, 45 to 60 cm in length, the pulp is soft & tasty, keeping quality is very good. From a single plant, one can get 40-135 drumsticks of about 3 to 10 kg. The yeild and quality of drumstick are dependent on climate, soil type, irrigation facility, and spacing and market rates are dependent on quality & demand in the market.
  • Coimbatore 2
    The length of the stick is 25 to 35 cm. The stick is dark green in color and tasteful. Each plant yeilds 250 to 375 sticks. Each stick is bulky. Each plant yeilds the product for 3 to 4 years. If the product is not taken from the plant earlier, the market value of the product is lost.
  • PKM-1
    After plantation, the plant bears flowers and you can yeild the product in 8 to 9 months. You can get the production twice in a year. Each plant can yeild 200 to 350 sticks. Each plant can yeild production for 4 to 5 years. Each stick is larger in length hence the product has demand in the market of big cities rather than local market cost is comparatively less.
  • PKM-2
    The raw stick of this variety is greenish in color and tastes good. The length of each stick is 45 to 75 cms. Each plant can yeild 300 to 400 sticks. This variety is yeilds good product but requires more water.

Agro-Climate Conditions for Drumstick Plantation:

The greatness of drumstick is, it can survive in dought conditions with minimal water requirement. They can thrive in poor soils also. The hot and humid climate is suitable is suitable for growth and dry climate for flowering. The temperature of 25 to 30 drgree C is suitable for flowering in the drumstick.